Fatal error ( Call to undefined function wp_initial_constants() in /home/username/public_html/wp-settings.php on line 26) setelah upgrade WordPress

Problem : Biasanya kegagalan update terjadi dari beberapa hal ini 1. Space tidak cukup 2. koneksi tiba2 terputus sehingga tidak semua file terupdate penampakan masalah : Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_initial_constants() in /home/username/public_html/wp-settings.php on line 26 Solusi : solusi untuk masalah diatas adalah 1. download file wordpress terbaru langsung dari website wordpress http://wordpress.org/latest.zip … Read more

“Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” message remainins after an automatic upgrade in wordpress

The problem: Your WordPress site is showing “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance” after an automatic upgrade has completed. Solution: Remove .maintenance file A file named .maintenance is placed by WordPress during an automatic upgrade to notify visitors that the site in under a short maintenance. If an upgrade fails or is corrupted, the file will … Read more

WordPress Admin Login 404 Issue

The problem: You’re not able to login to WordPress admin. You receive a 404 error page instead. Solution 1: Update the URL in database If you’re able to access phpMyAdmin, try to update the URL in the database. Login cPanel, click on phpMyAdmin under Databases. Select your WordPress database. For example: Username_wrdp1. Go to wp_options, … Read more

Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin() in wordpress

The problem: You receive “Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin()” when you login to WordPress admin after updating WordPress. Solution: Manual Update This error is caused by a fail WordPress version upgrade. Try a manual update. Download the latest WordPress zip file and unzip it. Back up your WordPress. Rename wp-includes and wp-admin directories to wp-includes.bak … Read more

You are not authorized to view this page (403 error) in wordpress

The problem: You receive an error message “You are not authorized to view this page. (403 error)” after inserting the username and password in the WordPress admin login page. Solution: Enable Index.php If your blog is hosted on a Windows server, this could be an error with Directory Indexes. Login to the Control Panel. Click … Read more