Install centos raid 10

Introduction to the RAID technology The term RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It represents a storage technology which combines multiple disk drives to increase performance and increase reliability. There are three types of RAID: Hardware (controller card), Integrated (“Fake or pseudo RAID” provided by the BIOS on the motherboard or some low-end cards) and … Read more

solusi “sda must have a gpt disk label”

Problem “sda must have a gpt disk label ” Solusi : 1. pas installasi pencet CTRL+ALT+F2 2. nanti akan di bawa kehalaman root lalu lakukan command berikut : # parted parted > # print /dev/sda => check partition type here , it should be set as something different from ‘gpt’ parted > # mklabel gpt … Read more