Cron per detik

misal kita uat scrip bash nya di /home nano #!/bin/bash for i in `ps -ef |grep danielha|awk ‘{print $2}’`;do kill -9 $i;done kemudian setting dic rontab per detik * * * * * sleep 1; /bin/sh /home/ >/dev/null 2>&1 (per detik) * * * * * sleep 10; /bin/sh /home/ >/dev/null 2>&1 (per 10 … Read more

cron send alert to email

Specify Email for Each Script If we don’t want all output to go to the same email address we can specify the output of a particular script to go to a different email address: 59 */6 * * * | mail -s “Subject of Mail” Email Alerts for All but One If you … Read more

Installation & Config Crontab

How to install crontab # yum install cronie -y How to Add/Edit Crontab To add or update job in crontab, use below command. It will open crontab file in editor where job can be added/updated. # crontab -e By default it will edit crontab entries of current logged in user. To edit other user crontab … Read more