Install zenoss dengan template proxmox ( ubuntu)

ternyata ada template zenoss buat proxmox base nya debian . Recommended settings for Proxmox VE Memory (MB): 512 Swap (MB): 512 Hard disk (GB): 8 1. masukan dahulu template nya ke proxmox : cd /var/lib/vz/template/cache 2. install via CT – create CT – masukan template 3. test web : http://ipadress:8080 Related Posts:Install grafana dan … Read more

Cara Install Zenoss di centos 6

requirment: Currently, Zenoss officially supports 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux and 64-bit CentOS. We will be using a CentOS 6.4 64-bit image on our virtual private server. Zenoss requires 4GB of RAM to operate correctly, so we will be using a Droplet with 4GB of RAM and 60GB of SSD space. tahap instalasi : 1. … Read more