Install docker on linux

Prerequisites Docker requires a 64-bit installation regardless of your Ubuntu version. Additionally, your kernel must be 3.10 at minimum. The latest 3.10 minor version or a newer maintained version are also acceptable. Kernels older than 3.10 lack some of the features required to run Docker containers. These older versions are known to have bugs which … Read more

Install Clipbucket on ubuntu 12.04

Clipbucket adalah web video sharing seperti layak nya youtube atau vimeo Requirment : Ubuntu 12.04 1. install web server # apt-get install apache2 -y 2. install mysql server # apt-get install mysql-server -y 3. install php #apt-get install php5 -y #apt-get install php5-gd -y apt-get install php5-curl -y 4. setting php.ini # Pico / etc/php5/apache2/php.ini … Read more

Install zenoss dengan template proxmox ( ubuntu)

ternyata ada template zenoss buat proxmox base nya debian . Recommended settings for Proxmox VE Memory (MB): 512 Swap (MB): 512 Hard disk (GB): 8 1. masukan dahulu template nya ke proxmox : cd /var/lib/vz/template/cache 2. install via CT – create CT – masukan template 3. test web : http://ipadress:8080 Related Posts:Install grafana dan … Read more