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Macam – Macam versi Openstack

Release Series :

Macam – macam versi openstack bisa di lihat pada tabel berikut :

SeriesStatusInitial Release DateNext PhaseEOL Date
WallabyFuture2021-04-14 estimated (schedule)Development estimated 2020-10-14
VictoriaDevelopment2020-10-14 estimated (schedule)Maintained estimated 2020-10-14
UssuriMaintained2020-05-13Extended Maintenance estimated 2021-11-12
TrainMaintained2019-10-16Extended Maintenance estimated 2021-04-16
SteinMaintained2019-04-10Extended Maintenance estimated 2020-11-11
RockyExtended Maintenance (see note below)2018-08-30Unmaintained TBD
QueensExtended Maintenance (see note below)2018-02-28Unmaintained TBD
PikeExtended Maintenance (see note below)2017-08-30Unmaintained TBD
OcataExtended Maintenance (see note below)2017-02-22Unmaintained estimated 2020-06-04
NewtonEnd Of Life2016-10-062017-10-25
MitakaEnd Of Life2016-04-072017-04-10
LibertyEnd Of Life2015-10-152016-11-17
KiloEnd Of Life2015-04-302016-05-02
JunoEnd Of Life2014-10-162015-12-07
IcehouseEnd Of Life2014-04-172015-07-02
HavanaEnd Of Life2013-10-172014-09-30
GrizzlyEnd Of Life2013-04-042014-03-29
FolsomEnd Of Life2012-09-272013-11-19
EssexEnd Of Life2012-04-052013-05-06
DiabloEnd Of Life2011-09-222013-05-06
CactusEnd Of Life2011-04-15
BexarEnd Of Life2011-02-03
AustinEnd Of Life2010-10-21

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