Install iMSCP – Multi-Server Control Panel di debian 7

Requirment : -Debian 7 -apache2 -mysql -php 5.4 tahap  instalasi : 1. edit source list nano /etc/apt/sources.list ganti jadi seperti berikut : deb wheezy   main non-free contrib deb wheezy-updates main non-free contrib deb wheezy/updates main non-free contrib 2. lalu update debian apt-get update 3. setting time zone dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Asia/Jakarta 4. download … Read more

Cara install ioncube di localhost ( XAMPP)

Cara nya sebagai berikut : 1. Find your PHP version. You will need to know the version when you download the ionCube loaders. 2. Download ionCube loader from: Download this version: Windows (x86) — Windows Installer 3. Install ionCube loader to XAMPP at: C:\xampp\htdocs\ioncube 4. Open php.ini with your text editor. (Edit php.ini file … Read more

Cara reset admin kayako fusion

Problem : lupa password admin kayako fusion solusi : masuk ke sql server mysql -u root -p kemudian show databases , use kayako_fusion, kemudian update table nya : misal dengan pass : asd123!@# update swstaff set staffpassword=sha1(‘asd123!@#’) where username=’admin’;

Install kayako fusion in centos 5

Requirtment : -OS : centos 5 -php 5.4 or higer -web server apache / nginx -mysql 5 #setting php.ini (etc/php.ini) -max_execution_time: “600” -max_input_time: “600” -magic_quotes_gpc: “Off” (this setting is not a part of standard “php.ini” file supplied with PHP 5.4.x) -memory_limit: “256M” -file_uploads: “On” -upload_max_filesize: “20M” -post_max_size: “20M” -max_file_uploads: “20” #setting modul php yg wajib … Read more

Recovering CentOS OS – kernel panic

1.Boot in Rescue Mode Boot from a CentOS installation disc (for example, CD #1 or DVD). Type “linux rescue” at the “boot:” prompt. 2.Mount all filesystems in read-write mode. Example:  Burberry Outlet UK If you have on hda1 – boot and hdb1 – root partitions. mount /dev/hdb1 /mnt/sysimage mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/sysimage/boot 3.Create the New Initramfs … Read more