Limit receiving message size using filter

Edit file /etc/vfilters/ and paste the following rule : Code: # Exim filter #Rule1 if $message_body_size is above 3M then mail to $sender_address from subject \”RE: $header_subject:\” fail \”Your message was over 3MB size limit and so it was not delivered.\” seen finish endif Save changes and exit. Now edit /home/username/.cpanel/filter.yaml and paste the … Read more

Cara Ganti IP Primary WHM/cpanel

This is for CentOS/RHEL based servers. Steps in WHM: Log into WHM and go to┬áBasic cPanel & WHM Setup Change the Primary IP here with the option that says \”The IP address (only one address) that will be used for setting up shared IP virtual hosts\” Note: This might not actually be necessary. Log in … Read more